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[Not about the ijtihad which means 'hardwork', that kind of ijtihad was practised by The Pure Imams صلوات و سلام الله عليهم too. This post is about the ijtihad which is common today, practised by the Usooli maraji.] Meaning of Ijtihad: Al-Wahid al-Bihbahani writes: "Ijtihad - which is acting with conjecture/assumption (dhann) - so whoever recognizes acting by it (conjecture/assumption), then he is a mujtahid." [Al-Fawaid ul-Hairiyyah page 131] Ibn al-Mutahhar al-Hilli writes (in section of Ijtihad): "The term (Ijtihad): Exhaustion (effort) from the faqih* for obtaining a conjecture/assumption (dhann) about a legal (Islamic) ruling." [Tahdheeb ul-Wusool page 283] *Faqih: In the language of Imams (a), faqih is someone who narrates and understands ahadith. In the language of Usoolis, faqih is a mujtahid. Hasan ibn al-Shaheed al-Thani writes: "And as for the term (Ijtihad) so it is exhaustion (effort) of the faqih in obtaining the conjecture/assumption (dha

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